Technology E4D is now available in our office! It makes it possible to make computer-assisted crowns and bridges directly at the private clinic in one or two sessions.




Welcome with the microdentistery!

The laser works thanks to a combined action of the light and water called HydroPhotonic energy. It cuts away the tissues and selectively cleans the dental decay. The laser energy, very precise, carries out an instantaneous vaporization of the tissues which it strikes without too much heating pressurizing the tooth, therefore causing less traumatism. At no time does the instrument touch the tooth. Thus there are no unpleasant vibrations which could create pits in the dental enamel. The precision of the laser makes it possible for the dentist to only target the decay leaving maximum place for the healthy dental structure.

This laser can also be used to carry out various types of treatments such as the surgery of soft tissues and the gums, the desensitizing of the teeth and the treatment of the ulcers and cold sores.

Intra-oral camera


The intra-oral camera is an instrument a little larger than a pen and is used to take images of the interior of the mouth. Thanks to the possibilities of the enlargement and lighting of the camera, the dentist can detect more easily the decays, the pits, broken restorations and several other dental health problems.

In addition to facilitating the diagnosis, the projection of the images of the camera on our screens makes it possible to the patients to see what the dentist sees. You can therefore see your dental problems and understand the need for the suggested treatments.

Finally, the images of the intra-oral camera can be preserved in the electronic dental file of the patient. We will be then be able to refer to it later or to redirect it to your insurance company if need be in order to approve one of your requests.

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